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Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo

Pastry Boutique

Pastry Boutique

Nourish your soul with a gourmet experience at Pastry Boutique Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo, with its myriad of savory delights from cakes, pastries, chocolates, and more.
Indulge in a gourmet experience found right here in the hotel, offers an array of irresistible delicacies-a true feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Choose from our assortment of rich and delectable cakes that melt in your mouth effortlessly.

In addition to the hotel's mouth-watering cakes, Pastry Boutique Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo serves takeout coffee and the bites that best complement the beverage. Aromatic and beautiful temptations include freshly baked croissants, banana bread, and camembert cheese bread. These can be enjoyed even more with the patisserie's original jams that add delightful flavors according to your preferences.
Candies, chocolates, and truffles are also available for customers who have a love for the sweeter things.
The Westin Deli invites you to an enticing journey of delectable indulgence at our Tokyo patisserie.


About us

New Item

Original Butter Sandwich

This adorable looking new butter sandwich has been crafted with delectable butter cream combined with generous amounts of rum raisins sandwiched between fragrant sable cookies.

Enjoy this heavenly combination of ingredients that feature an elegant and refined taste. 

Price: 2,000 JPY


New Cakes

We have prepared 4 new gorgeous looking cakes that bring you the taste of summer early this year.

Made with generous amounts of tropical fruits "Tropical Fruit Punch", decorated with colorful fruits for a summery finish "Baked Rare Cheesecake", crafted with authentic seasonal American cherries "American Cherry and Chocolate Cream Puff" and layering custard and smooth chocolate cream for a striking finish "Eclair Chocolat".

Pay us a visit at Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo and treat yourself to a sweet moment with this cake collection.

・Tropical Fruit Punch (Summer Only) : 1,300 JPY (left)
・Baked Rare Cheesecake (Summer Only) : 1,000 JPY (right)
・American Cherry and Chocolate Cream Puff (available until the end of June) : 1,200 JPY
・Eclair Chocolat : 1,000 JPY

New Product

Original Hotel Made Bread

Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo is now offering 5 different types of hotel-made breads freshly baked every morning by our bakery chef.

・Pain de Lodeve: this high-hydration bread features a crusty texture on the outside with a soft and chewy texture on the inside to bring out the flavor of the ingredients to the fullest.
Price: 380 JPY

・Pain de Seigle: a heavenly combination of rye and walnuts elegantly accented with white truffles. Perfect for breakfast.
Price: 600 JPY

・Herb Bread: while having a mellow taste, this soft bread has a distinctive herbal flavor. 
Price: 550 JPY

・Fruit Danish: made with custard cream, almond cream and seasonal fruits, this Danish features a rich buttery taste.
Price: 470 JPY *Blueberry Danish will be sold from 6.5 (Wed) onwards

・Rye Bread Hazelnuts Chocolate: rye bread with generous amounts of hazelnut chocolate chips.
Price: 580 JPY

Summer Jelly Collection

Hotel Made Jellies

6.1(Sat)-  8.31(Sat) 

For a limited time only, Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo will be offering 3 types of hotel made jellies specially created for the summer season by our expert chefs.

This line-up of jellies has been crafted with seasonal ingredients for a refreshing summery taste:

・Berry jelly: this gorgeous looking jelly has been crafted with a base of blueberry jelly combined with 3 different types of berries for a sweet and sour taste.

・Grapefruit, lychee and cherry tomato jelly: this fruit-salad like jelly with a base of lychee topped with tomatoes and grapefruit boasts a refreshing taste.

・Coffee jelly and mascarpone cream: a harmony of coffee and mascarpone cream with caramel sauce.

Price: 860 JPY (each)

Original Product

The Westin Tokyo Original Tumbler

We have released an original tumbler featuring The Westin Tokyo's logo.

Specially for this occasion, we have prepared 3 different types of tumblers from the Australian brand STTOKE that perfectly combine a gorgeous design with high functionality.

Featuring a ceramic coated interior, this tumbler allows you to fully enjoy the original aroma and taste of your drinks without worrying about the distinctive metal odor. In addition, the vacuum insulated structure provides high heat and cold retention, preventing condensation from happening, and the ice from melting for a long time.

Each color comes with a donation to various organizations, allowing you to participate in social good activities. Furthermore, those who bring this tumbler to Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo will receive a special 100-yen discount on all drinks, such as expresso and café latte.

This unique and gorgeous tumbler is only available at Pattiserie by The Westin Tokyo. Get yours now.

Small: 5,200 JPY
Large: 6,500 JPY
Grande: 7,000 JPY