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Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo

Pastry Boutique

Pastry Boutique

Nourish your soul with a gourmet experience at Pastry Boutique Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo, with its myriad of savory delights from cakes, pastries, chocolates, and more.
Indulge in a gourmet experience found right here in the hotel, offers an array of irresistible delicacies-a true feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Choose from our assortment of rich and delectable cakes that melt in your mouth effortlessly.

In addition to the hotel's mouth-watering cakes, Pastry Boutique Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo serves takeout coffee and the bites that best complement the beverage. Aromatic and beautiful temptations include freshly baked croissants, banana bread, and camembert cheese bread. These can be enjoyed even more with the patisserie's original jams that add delightful flavors according to your preferences.
Candies, chocolates, and truffles are also available for customers who have a love for the sweeter things.
The Westin Deli invites you to an enticing journey of delectable indulgence at our Tokyo patisserie.


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Assorted Cookies (Original / Cats)
Valentine's Day Limited Edition

Valentine's Day Chocolate Assortment

1.15 (Mon) - 2.29 (Thu)

"Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo" is celebrating its first Valentine's Day with a special chocolate assortment. Made specifically for this occasion, this assortment is delivered in a special box inspired by The Westin Tokyo's signature scent "White Tea", featuring an embossing finish with a gray accented interior. Created under the supervision of The Westin Tokyo's executive pastry chef Kazuo Suzuki, this assortment includes seven types of different chocolates and features 2 pieces of the iconic "Heart Raspberry" to convey the romantic special feeling of this season. All of these chocolates have been crafted using premium quality Belgian chocolate, fresh cream and butter, and make this special chocolate assortment box the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Price: 4,500 JPY (

White Day Limited Editon

Chocolate Assortment & White Tea Gift Set

2.19 (Mon) - 3.15 (Fri)

"Patisserie by The Westin Tokyo" will be celebrating White Day with a limited time special gift set featuring The Westin Tokyo's original chocolate and goods from the White Tea collection.
This special gift set includes 1 item from the White Tea collection for you to choose from: Hand Cream, Body Lotion or Room Spray. Paired with a delicious chocolate assortment, this set makes the perfect gift for White Day.
Featuring the iconic heart-shaped "Heart Raspberry", the chocolate assortment includes 4 different types of chocolates created under the supervision of The Westin Tokyo's executive pastry chef Kazuo Suzuki using premium quality Belgian chocolate, fresh cream and butter.

Hand Cream Set: 5,500 JPY (
Body Lotion Set: 7,700 JPY (
Room Spray Set: 9,900 JPY (

The Westin Tokyo Chocolate
White Day Limited Edition

Chocolate Assortment & +F Preserved Flower Gift Box

3.1 (Fri) - 3.14 (Thu)

In order to celebrate White Day, we have prepared 10 gift boxes featuring preserved flowers from +F, the florist next to Patisserie, and an 8-piece chocolate assortment.
Preserved flowers come in two different variations: a red one with a focus on crimson roses, and a pink one featuring adorable smoky-colored roses.
The chocolate assortment has been created under the supervision of The Westin Tokyo's Executive Pastry Chef, Kazuo Suzuki, and crafted using premium quality Belgian chocolate, fresh cream and butter. 
Including delicacies such as "Heart Raspberry" crafted using a combination of raspberry purée and French liquor, "Dark" with a refined bitter taste, and "Milk" with a mellow yet rich milky chocolate flavor, this flower decorated gift box makes the perfect gift for White Day.

Price: 13,300 JPY (

The Westin Tokyo Stick Financier
New Product

The Westin Tokyo Stick Financier

Crafted with premium ingredients, our selection of stick-style financiers presented in a specially designed box make the
perfect gift. Available in 5 different delicious flavors.

Flavors: Plain, Chocolate, Black Tea, Brown Sugar, Pistachio.

Price: 2,200 JPY (

Cream Puff
Signature Item

Cream Puff

Soft yet with a bite : our signature cream puffs. 
These puffs made with crisp choux pastry and tightly packed with delicate, fluffy cream are bound to put a smile on your face. Cream-loving executive chef Kazuo Suzuki created this version of the famed treat, and has painstakingly perfected it over the years. No wonder it is consistently our most popular takeaway option. 

Price: 680 JPY (

Fruit Punch
Signature Item

Fruit Punch

Prepared with an assortment of colorful seasonal fruits. Enjoy the refreshing sweetness from the fruits by marinating in Earl Gray and cardamom syrup for 24 hours. Comes in a stylish glass jar, perfect for both gifting or a treat for a relaxing afternoon.

Price: 1,300 JPY (